"My Generation"

Part 1:  With a little help from my friends

Original Painting & Photography
by Bruno Ducourant

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           Part One

"With a little help from my friends"

        From The Who  to The Rolling Stones, by way of Frank Zappa, Ten Years After, Jimmy Page and Tina Turner, it is one of the richest periods of the Anglo-Saxon rock scene that these works bring back to life. Famous to the four corners of the planet, they are the heroes of My generation.
          Because there cannot be a winner in the contest between the power of the written word and the impact of the image, because nothing accords itself better with a myth than a legend, and because a still image is never as talkative as we would like it to be, the characters of Bruno Ducourant’s photo-paintings end up talking for themselves.
           In this marriage-madness where black and white photos are reanimated with colour, the word marries the picture and the instant rediscovers its vocabulary. Layerings, cascade titles or even maelstroms of names: the careers read themselves in watermark.  Music and musicians become phylactères, scene curtains and light effects.

       Issues du fonds personnel de l'auteur, inédites pour la plupart, les photographies originales utilisées pour ces tableaux ont toutes été réalisées entre 1968 et 1980. Alors Photojournaliste indépendant, Bruno Ducourant collaborait notamment avec les magazines Rock & Folk, Extra et Best.

    Aujourd'hui réalisateur auteur pour la télévision, la photographie demeure l'une de ses passions les plus vives.
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